Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Take Action Against the Incinerator!

The publich hearing is at 9:40am on Thursday, April 28. But you can take action before then by calling or emailing councilmembers.

Action Alert: Deadline Apr 27: spread far and wide and generate emails/calls

Please let Zero Waste Detroit [] know of your call/email

Contact Council Planning & Economic Development Committee:

Jenkins: 313-224-4248;

Cockrel: 313-224-4505;

Kenyatta: 313-224-1198;

Council President Pugh: 313-224-4510;


Dear Council Member ______

I urge you to vote NO on April 28 when the Planning and Economic Development Committee considers the request from Detroit Renewable Power (owners of the Detroit incinerator) for Brownfield redevelopment tax credits.

No more public monies for the incinerator!

Your name______

Or take online action here:
Ecology Center

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